Thursday, March 12, 2009

Finnmarkslopet 2009: Part 11 - Mikael´s progress from Tana on

Unfortunately, I had to end my journey in Tana and had to head back home sooner than planned. Jachym got ill and we decided it would be the best if I came back to help care of our dogs, the house, etc.
I don´t regret a single minute of the trip! It was a lifetime experience and I am so grateful that I was able to be a part of this absolutely fantastic race!

Here are in the meantime a few updates on Mikael´s team, as Paula keeps me informed by messages from her mobile phone:

Mikael had a good rest in Tana and departed as schedulled. He called me from the trail to thank for my help (which I thought was very sweet of him) and said the team and him are fresh and eager to keep going.

On Monday evening he arrived to Neiden around quarter to ten, rested for 7 hours and hit the trail again, towards Kirkenes. Kirkenes is basically the half way point, as it is 538km into the race. Paula wrote that all went smooth to Kirkenes and the team rested well, before departing back to Neiden shortly before 2 o´clock in the morning. He took 9 hours in Neiden II, which he left at half past four yesterday afternoon. I got a message from Paula then, that Mikael will only snack the dogs, change booties and drop Fiksu in Varangerbotn, before heading back on the trail to Sirbma, 766km into the race.
I am not sure why was Fiksu dropped, if it was due to shoulder or wrist soreness, of if she was just tired. Will try to find out.
Exactly as planned, they stayed for a bit more than an hour and continued towards Sirbma, where they arrived at 1:22 this past night.
After 9 hours of rest, the team is back on the trail, marching towards Levajok again. They have 766km behind them and 294km of adventure is still waiting ahead. There is yet Levajok, Karasjok and Jotka to be reached, before getting back to Alta.
Geeze, I wish I was there!

And that is all for the most recent report on Mikael´s team, for now!

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