Sunday, February 22, 2009

We Feel Olympic

If you could guess what we did today, you wouldn´t have a chance. So here are a few hints:
- built a snow man
- went skiing
- repainted our bedroom
- cleaned the house
- excercised
Still guessing? Well, I will reveal it then - yes, Jachym and I, together worked out. Before you choke with whatever you are having for lunch, let me asure you that we both do not recall suffering from recent head injury, and that we feel quite allright. As a matter of fact, we feel really good after the excercise!
We were just fed up by our constant back pains and related headaches. And I am quite fed up with lack of time to work on my condition. And now - woala - races cancelled, no pushing of the training schedulle, longer days - a chance to do something about it!
Ok, today was the first day and God knows how I am going to convince Jachym to keep working out every day, but we did it, after yesterday´s planning and you know what - we are quite proud of ourselves.
Although some excercies we do together, Jachym´s focus is on his stiff and sore back, thighs and the leg/back tendons and muscles, while mine is mainly on buttocks, belly and all the body parts that carry excessive weight on.
What is really good about performaing these excercises during winter time, is the fact that you get your blood circulation movin´ and thus you really warm up. And that we find quite useful before going out to train dogs, standing on the runners for several hours without much motion.
We´ll keep you posted how we progress and feel free to poke, if you don´t hear from us for a while! :)


P.S. If you wonder where did we come up with the title for this post, it comes from our very favourite line from our favourite movie Cool Runnings :)

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Anonymous said...

Way to go!! :-) I did some working out today to. I fell right after start and was dragged after the sled for about 100 meters. The dogs just kept going on, they didn´t seem to care that I was hanging by my arms after the sled. I barely could eat the dinner, my arms are just shaking. :-) I wonder how tomorrow will feel.