Thursday, February 19, 2009

Visiting Hidalgo

As we went to pick up equipment that Malin brought us from Roros, we were of course excited to visit with Hidalgo (Magpie x Ewok´s puppy from our H litter).

It was a really short visit, but I was glad to have the oportunity to see "my" boy again, and how he´s doing in his new home with Malin and her dogs.
Oooh, it feels so good to be reunited again :)
Proud mom

One handsome boy!
Hidalgo was the last puppy that we let go from the H litter, and it was really tough for us. It was: "either Malin, or we keep him" kind of decission :) We are so glad that he lives with a close friend, and not too far away. We´ll get to see each other often :)
You can follow Hidalgo´s progess on Malin´s website : and her news blog:
Thanks for the short but nice tour around the kennels (I really loved Harley, by the way!) and for the coffee kick, before our long night drive back home. We really needed it!
Next time we´ll stay longer and come during day light :)

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