Saturday, February 28, 2009

T-SHIRT NET for Easy Storage and Drying

In our kennel, we use quite an amount of harness rub protection t-shirts for the dogs, when training gets intensive.

It is a great solution and works really well for our dogs, and we´ve been using them two seasons already.

But the more dogs we get in the tough training (the main string team), the more t-shirts we need.
A typical picture of us, when going out for a training run, is a huge pile of harnesses, huge pile of t-shirts, first aid kit, mittens, extra gloves, cell phones, dog and human snacks, thermos with tea or soup and dog booties, carried out from the house into the dog yard every single day, plus a large white board with the day´s team line-up.

The project of "dog kitchen" in the dog yard is already undergo, but it is a step by step process, and when we need to dry the t-shirts, harnesses and booties, etc., we just have to bring all in the house and back.

So, it has gotten to the point when I got fed up with carrying all that stuff back and forth. And I thought how to solve the t-shirt problem. It is not just a matter of collecting them and piling them up together, but also how to carry them with all the other stuff, and how to hang them around the house to dry.

At the time of my thoughts about some invention, our friends Richard and Ingela were visiting with us, and after one training run, when they helped us unharness the dogs, I mentioned my thoughts for solution and a little hopeless complaint about having to drag all the stuff in and out all the time. Ingela almost instantly came up with a thought of using some kind of a net, to collect, carry and dry all the t-shirts at once. I thought that might actually work, but we didn´t discuss it any further.

Couple weeks later, I received a small package from Ingela and found the mentioned net in it! Immediately, I had to try it out, of course, and found out it works perfectly! We quickly came to a fast and effective routine of using it and since it made our lives so much easier, I decided to take a few pictures and share with you the steps how we use it.

The net can be purchesed for example at Ikea and is pretty cheap. Thank you for the great tip, Ingela!

STEP 1: Spread the net on the ground. When you take t-shirts off the dogs, pile them up on the net. Take a spare neckline with a plastic (or other) snap attached to one end of it.

STEP 2: When all the t-shirts are on the net, pick up the edges of the net together. .

You can slide the neckline through three of the loops, that are placed on the edges, and clip it with the snap, before you start picking them up. You can leave them clipped together the next time you use it - it saves you time and work.

STEP 3: Pick up the remaining two edges of the net and drag the loops over the neckline.

STEP 6: You´re done and ready to cary or hang the nicely packed t-shirts!

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