Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Co-Author

Believe it or not, I actually convinced Jachym to become a co-author on this blog. And it wasn´t even much of a convincing. He agreed pretty easily to share photos from his training runs, trailbreaking adventures (and there are ALWAYS some adventures on his trailbreaking trips), movie clips and other stuff, related to our kennel, dogs and crazy outdoor life :)

So here I am presenting the new author: Jachym Lukes, the kennel co-owner, the dedicated (but stubborn) dog handler, dog musher, best pizza in the world maker, the bestest pastry baker, the ever calming me down guy with a childish sense of humor, without whom our team and kennel, and all my daring, demanding and crazy dreams wouldn´t have been where and what they are.

Hope you will enjoy his sense of humor and different view at things!

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