Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Today, one day before closing 2 weeks of my journey, I feel great.

Today I have performed a test on myself. I took two puppies (Chilli and Ginger) for a walk to the forrest. Then I decided why not to try to run, just to see how I feel, etc.

See, since I´ve gained all this weight, I had problems with breathing while running and that was the major reason, why I basically couldn´t run far lately, as I couldn´s soon breathe.
I ran to the bottom of the first hill and realized I feel light on my feet and without dificulties breathing. So I ran up the hill and into the "mark" (first biggest birch tree on top), which I have set already two years back, when excercising once in a while. The mark was usually something hardly reachable for me and I had to dig deep inside to get to that tree, withouth stopping to catch my breath. I know this sounds terrible, but it is very true. That´s how bad my condition is (or was? :)) and one of the many reasons I needed to finally come to the point of starting this training program and journal.

But back to my run. I passed the birch almost without noticing and ran past it and stopped. Again, I felt no problems with breathing or any pain or weakness in my legs. THOSE WALKS WITH STICKS WORK GREAT! I never realized what a great way of traning it is. In the past two weeks I feel muscels clearly building up on my calfs and thies again, and the fat skin on them slowly burning into muscle. But I didn´t give it a thought how good it will do me, in terms of the breathing. I´ve always been told by my past teachers that running is mostly about being able to "breathe it out".
Anyway, realizing I had no problem with the run so far and actually enjoyed myself (!), I decided to run further, until I start to feel a bit in either my legs or breath. I ran for another several hundred meters where I figured out, I should have some reserves for the way back, so I turned around and back to the birch. When I stopped, it took me a while to get back to normal rythm of breathing, but otherwise I felt GREAT! I know for some of you this will sound a bit dum, but for me this is a MAJOR STEP FORWARD and a CERTAIN VICTORY.
This was a good test and a great motivation for the just starting third week! A clear result, that proves that I am on the right way!

Feeling still very good before dinner (BTW: Salmon with lemon pepper and a salad with feta chese and pumpkin seeds, yummy!), I hopped on the Total Gym, and performed 30 pushups. I am still a bit careful about my arm and shoulder, so I don´t really wanna do anything else on this machine for a while. Pushups are very important though, for losing that Michelin :o)

And now, besides being ready for bed, I am back from a walk taht I went for this time not that "late" - around 10:00 pm :) The walk felt very refreshing today, the temperatures are quite low in the evenings (right now it is only +7°C. Acompanied by Gloria Estefan and her many "Latino Americano" rythms, and mainly her song "I´ve been touched by an Angel", felt especially nice today. I once again thought of how lucky I am living here, in the wilderness of northern Sweden, with my beloved dogs and a great partner, being able to live my dream and work actively on my future.
And also, how many good friends and special people I am blessed with. It is time to thank all of you guys, who read this journal, again, for your continueous support, good wishes and cheering on! I have in the meantime received many comments and good wishes from you, and even an offer of a list of some upbeat songs for my walks. You are great!


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Anonymous said...

New music recommendation! Best of Basement Jaxx. Music that breaths rhythm!!! Walk/run on!!!

Kari :)