Monday, June 11, 2007


Here if finally the promissed post from our Saturday hike, with obligatory pictures :)

It was hot again, but we were lucky to be acompanied by a friendly breeze. The blood suckers and other extremly friendly creatures came along, OF COURSE.

"We" was: Jachym, the Fun Run siblings Music and Misa, and myself.
Drove to Svannavattnet lake to give Music and Misa a bath, as they were terribly dirty, and too cool them off a bit before the hike.

Then couple kilometers further down the road, and into the mountain foothils, leading to Holmvattnet and other great areas, for summer hiking, berry picking and mainly winter dog mushing. Our plan for this summer was to walk the area up and down to learn more about it, count the mileage between each crossing, measure the loops, etc. to put the "data" in a trail map we are working on.
The first exciting event was actually before we reached Svannavattnet lake: We drove by a tiny lake, where herons, ducks, Canada geese and Swans roam like in fairy tale, since mid April. This time the swans finally sat finally in their nest, expecting little ones. It will be great to see how many they raise. As we passed the lake, I saw a brown "lumb" in the water and immediattley "ordered" Jachym to back up with the car. Awsome scenery, like from Alaska - a moose standing in the water, cooling off, the narrow black spruce trees in the background. I took couple pictures, but as he was on the other shore, and our 10x zoom wasn´t enough, they are all foogy. When I´m rich, I want a camera the National Geographic photographers have :) What a pitty. But the "picture" will stay in our memory.

The next event was Music, turning accidentaly lose as we got off the car. He accelerated by in a speed of a lightning and off to the forrest. A strong wistle and a call and the boy was back with "what´s up, mom?" expression on his face. Pheeew! That´s when the lose running at home and all the time spent with our dogs as puppies, and the bonding, comes in handy :o)

Well, we dicovered some goregous places, got bitten by a trillion of mosquitos and knots, visited a secret lake where Jachym and a couple of the rough tough local men (and women) fish the biggest and most delicious röding (salmon like fish), and found a few great spots for blueberry and cranberry picking. This area must be full of bears too! :)

The hike was 2 hours long and I did go for my training walk with sticks in the evening once again, but I already wrote about that :)

Enjoy the pictures!


Misa and Music ready to "hike"

Jachym and Misa
"Mosquito eater" - Carnivorous plant, our great new friend!

Resting at about halfway

The brown lumb is really a moose :)

The Svannavattnet Swans

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Christopher said...

That looks like an absolutely gorgeous hike. The carnivorous plant is, if I'm not mistake, Pinguicula caerulea. It's unfortunate you didn't see it blooming--the flowers are very pretty. It's still a nice plant, though.