Medium Schnauzer WINKY

"text coming soon" -- Pavla Dornicova, Czech Republic

Alaskan Husky OCEAN

Vaginal discharge - incontinence - hyperactivity during heat cycle - smelly coat

"I have been adding fresh Raspberry leaves and Fireweed to Ocean´s food every day for the whole summer and it is the first time in her life that she stopped smelling like a fish after being in heat. Her eyes are more clear and she is much calmer. Her pigment loss is still on her lip, but overall she improved and she does not pee all the time now too. I have also dried herbs to give her during the winter. Thank you for your help!" -- Annica Andersson, Bräcke, Sweden

Tosa Inu JAMIE

"Our beloved Jamie had been on tailor-made feeding program by Katerina, since she was three months old. She used to have growth related issues with her front legs and we were recommended to contact Katerina. Not only did her suggestions and advice help to fix the bone problem, Jamie grew to be a very healthy, active dog with ease of movement, strong immunity and overall great health until very high age. Despite the breed´s high dispositions to hip displasia, stomach torsions and generally short life span (average of 9 years), Jamie enjoyed her life to incredible almost 13. Thank you so much for all your help, guidance and knowledge over the years. We know that natural nutrition is the key to any animal´s health! " -- Lenka and Marcel Oberreiter, Radetice, Czech Republic

Siberian Husky SPIKE

chronic diarrhea - sensitivity to change in diet - food intolerance - poor immune system - unable to gain weight

"Spike has been suffering from diarrhea practically since we got him as a puppy from the breeder. Nothing worked, some foods only made it worse. Spike has been very stressful and unable to keep or gain weight. As a sled dog, it was very difficult to maintain an optimum nutrition for his athletic needs, until Katerina recommended an individual feeding program for him, with the focus on improving his digestion and immune system. For the first time in years we´ve been able to control his diarrhea and get weight back on Spike. He was finally able to perform and enjoy himself, and he also became calmer. Spike´s story helped me realize how important natural nutritional supplements and high quality meat are, but also how a dog´s immune system and digestion can be distroyed with wrong, unproper nutiriton in the puppy age." -- Richard Burda, Prague, Czech Republic

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